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Nourishing Your Network

May 10th, 2011 Comments off

As we watch signs of Spring pop up all around us, don’t forget as you head into your garden to plant your annuals, and encourage your perennials, there is much to be done to nourish your network as well. Here is a little reminder that you reap what you sow, in both your garden, and your business relationships.

What key relationships do you need to manage this Spring?
Looking at your career, where do you want to be in the next 5 to 10 years? What key relationships do you need to maintain and strengthen moving forward? Managing these relationships will lead to your increased knowledge, acumen and growth. Who is it that can nourish your career growth? Remember just as in your garden, relationships grow when they are fed and watered. These key people need to know how you have impacted your business over the last year and what your plans are moving into Q3. Also don’t forget to update any search executives with the same information. These are the people who will bring you opportunities and also offer ideas on what direction to take in your career. Think about areas you need the most growth in and seek out key people who can mentor you to develop in those areas. Touch base with them today!

Nourish your Social Profiles
It’s that time of year to think about bringing more color to your profile. If you don’t already have a LinkedIn profile, you are missing a big opportunity to brand yourself, not only to potential employers but to your current peers as well. If you are already well networked in this area, make sure your profile represents you in the best light. Spruce up your profile with your recent promotions and major successes over the last year. Weed out any old data irrelevant information, as well any contacts that you no longer care to maintain. Include a current and professional photo, let us know what you are currently reading, join some groups and participate in the discussions.

Who’s garden can you help maintain?
Look around for your brightest flowers. Who is developing into a superstar in your organization and how can you help promote them? Being a mentor and teaching what you know is one of the best ways to drive your business with confidence. Reach out to some individuals that you can nourish and grow. What better way can you strengthen relationships with your peers and reports than by supporting them in ways that build them up?

Just like your garden, strong networks won’t grow themselves. With just a little sweat equity you will soon be sitting back delighting in what you’ve planted. This spring, don’t just tiptoe through the tulips, make an impact!

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Joe Gonzalez – Guest on Big Biz TV/Radio

August 26th, 2010 Comments off

Talent was all the discussion yesterday when Joe Gonzalez was a guest on nationally syndicated Big Biz Radio & TV Show He plays “Dr. HR.”    The bar room style business talk radio show learns how HR is the heart of the company.   Hear why Talent is vital to the health of any organization.   Russ and Sully also talk about HireVue and the success of video interviewing and Marc Effron’s One Page Talent Management book and why business are embracing eliminating complexity!  See video clips below!

Joe Gonzalez on Big Biz Show

Part 2 – Joe on Big Biz Show

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I Remember a Time…

August 6th, 2010 Comments off

Repost from HireVue Blog August 5, 2010 at 8:39 am.  Guest blogger, Rusty Rueff, writes about the future of recruiting ….

Rusty Rueff

Rusty Rueff

My first real corporate job out of college was as a Personnel Trainer at Pratt & Whitney Aircraft Engines in East Hartford, CT. It was at the end of my first year there that the company introduced this computer communication system that allowed for us to send messages instantly to other people just by typing in their name and writing a few short lines.  We had just recently been trained on how to use another system called voicemail so this idea of being able to also communicate using your desktop computer was quite novel.  Of course, this was the beginning of email and as we look back now, it seems crazy that we had to be convinced, or change-managed, into using this new productivity application.

The same is about to happen with captured video interviews. Right now it seems novel to some and unorthodox to others, but I predict that in a few short years we will look back at this time and have the same reactions to video interviewing as email, voicemail and all other standard work applications that are today, normal course of business systems.

The time is now because the rest of the world is moving this way.  Voicemail worked in the office because we had been using answering machines at home long before they made their way to the workplace. Email worked because we had already become accustomed to fax machines where we could hand write or type messages and then deliver them electronically.  Captured video interviewing’s time is now because we are already using video conferencing, Cisco’s Telepresence, Skype, iChat and now the iphone 4’s camera on the front of the phone. It is also captured video interviewing’s time because there is an emphasis on productivity and standardization inside of the office with efficiency and convenience as a priority for candidates, and all parties are interested and concerned about going green.

Beyond all of this, any of us who have been in the Talent space for more than a decade are so ready for a breakthrough of thinking and technology that can brings us real learning on how to better query and assess candidates. To date, I haven’t seen anything with more potential to radically change and improve the art and science of interviewing than what can happen when captured video interviewing is applied to business. Improvement and learning can only happen when there is a standard platform without variability and randomness. Captured video interviewing is the first right step to establishing a consistent and predictable and controlled platform for improvement.

Trust me, our kids will be laughing when we tell them about how we used to interview for jobs before captured video interviews came along.


Guest Blogger Rusty Rueff writes about the changing face of HR for the HireVue Blog and is a member of HireVue’s Board of Directors. He was most recently CEO of SNOCAP, the digital music commerce provider for MySpace, before being acquired by imeem in April 2008. Previously, Rusty held several HR leadership roles with PepsiCo and was Executive Vice President of HR for Electronic Arts. Rusty is co-author of “Talent Force: A New Manifesto for the Human Side of Business” (Prentice-Hall. 2006).

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What is Innovative HR?

April 6th, 2010 Comments off

Guest Blogger-Tim Silvera

I actually believe that innovative HR is quite simple! Innovative HR takes tactical and strategic practices and adapts them to integrate with a company’s business strategy and culture.

I believe the most powerful HR innovation comes from working with business leaders to develop the “next practices” that give a company a competitive advantage and ability to thrive in the new world of business. HR’s role is to adapt HR strategies and practices to help the company succeed in the future. HR innovation comes from working with business leaders to create practices that give the company a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Innovative HR practices also need to translate the business strategy into action, engage employees at all levels to drive results and be transparent so everyone uses them every day to run the business. Innovative HR practices can result in a competitive advantage for the company in the marketplace, profitable revenue and strategic alignment.

At a global call center outsourcing company, I created a real-time performance optimization process that linked every employee to the key metrics that drove the success of the business every day. We eliminated traditional performance reviews because they negatively impacted productivity and the high-performance culture of the company. The performance optimization process was integrated with rewards and recognition programs every month to reinforce the success of each employee. This was innovative because it gave the company a competitive advantage in hiring top talent in the each of the global markets of operation and reinforced the achievement of the metrics that drove profitable revenue. To see complete details on the success of performance optimization, click on the following link,

I asked a colleague of mine, Diane Gallo of CNC Strategy (, for her viewpoint on innovative HR. The following was her take on the topic. Innovative HR is about alignment.  Alignment of the organization in structure, resources, vision, strategy, business processes and communication is crucial.  Organizations that are aligned can execute on strategy, those that are not, don’t.  The Conference Board 2010 survey says that the biggest concern of CEOs is being able to execute on strategy.  As an HR leader, it is important to make sure that all players first understand the strategy, then that the organization’s structure supports it and resources are dedicated to execute on it.  In simple terms, getting everyone to “row in the same direction” is often a first step towards innovation for an HR leader. The ability to step back and see where the organization is not supporting its goals and developing a set of practices that move the organization towards execution is HR innovation.

Have you created an innovative HR practice? Please share your innovative HR practices to inspire others to follow in your footsteps!

Human Capital – Love it, do it, prove it!

Tim Silvera - A business savvy senior human resources executive with extensive experience driving profitable revenue growth by integrating effective human capital principles with business practices and culture. Known for global human resources leadership and expertise in areas including organizational effectiveness, talent management, and total rewards that result in strategic alignment and innovation.

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HeadHunter Radio March 10th/Eric McAllister & Marc Effron

March 5th, 2010 Comments off

HeadHunter Radio is kicking off March with exciting new special guests Eric McAllister and Marc Effron! Don’t miss Cece and Joe Gonzalez live at on Wednesday, March 10th at 3-4pm PST. This month, Cece and Joe will discuss HR strategy with two very talented individuals. Eric McAllister and Marc Effron will highlight their different experiences and roles in HR consulting.

Eric McAllister is an HR Executive who currently works at the Vice President/Chief Human Resources office for Omniture/Adobe Systems Inc. He has over 20 years of experience in corporate HR and consulting leadership roles, focusing mainly in high tech, software, and manufacturing industries. Eric has played a crucial role in the recruiting talented team members and developing HR strategies that have enabled Omniture to increase its growth. He also seamlessly led the organization/people integration of Omniture into Adobe after the acquisition. Eric will be discussing his experiences in HR consulting and his strategies for developing successful leadership in organizations.

Marc Effron joins us for the second part of the show to discuss his experiences in talent management. Marc is a talent consultant who has worked with and for many leading companies such as American Express, Bank of America, Chevron, and Citigroup. He is the President of The Talent Strategy Group , a talent management consulting firm, and also founded the New Talent Management Network, the worlds largest non-profit networking and research organization.  Marc is also the author of One Page Talent Management: Elimintating Complexity, Adding Value along with co-writer Miriam Ort of Pepsico. Mark is going to discuss his roles as a talent management leader and enlighten us on how to create strategies to produce great talent.

Don’t miss an amazing show with these two very experienced individuals. Learn how to manage and coach leadership development from great employees in your organization. Tune into on March 10th to listen to Eric McAllister and Marc Effron speak about their experiences in managing top talent in top companies.

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Pros and Cons: The Effect of Social Media on Recruiting

February 22nd, 2010 1 comment

The first decade of the new millennium brought to us a monumental change in the relationship between businesses and consumers. The rise of social media websites in particular has profoundly affected all aspects of the business model. From production and marketing to human resources and recruiting, a strong online presence is one of the most important things a business can do. It is to no ones surprise that LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter all have valuable roles in shaping the way companies are now relating to their audiences.

As we reach the beginning of a new decade ascending from the peak of a detrimental recession, it is time to see a change in the way these very sites are used to leverage new jobs. How important are resumes when the focus of the job hunt has now changed to networking? LinkedIn, for example, allows you to post your work experience and references online and let you add someone to your network-say a CEO or HR Executive-with the click of a button.

Ryan Rancatore brought up an interesting point in his blog post Will resumes be extinct by the year 2010? He writes, “The advancement of social and business networks, web profiles, and personal blogs have essentially replaced and upgraded the common resume, in my view.  During the past year, I’ve updated my Linkedin profile dozens of times, I’ve sent over 2,000 tweets, and I’ve updated my resume a grand total of… zero times.” True, considering the majority of time an individual modifies their resume is when they are in search of a job.

However, this rouses a question concerning the importance of recruiting. If these social media websites are allowing top executives to communicate with other top executives; why the need for a third party? As recruiters, we serve as a mediator between the job seeker and the hiring manager. Most importantly, recruiters are able to understand the personality of both parties rather than relying on the often-misinterpreted virtual communication. Recruiting top talent requires more than just a LinkedIn account; it is the inside knowledge and key relationships that will get you to your next big role. While social media websites aid in gathering personal information about individuals, it is our job as recruiters to place executive level professionals in leading organizations.

In addition to being the leading proponent in the hiring process, recruiters offer a critical element that online websites cannot guarantee: confidentiality. For one to have a substantial online presence, they may have to sacrifice the privacy and anonymity they are used to. While some may be perfectly comfortable posting their career history online for the world to see, others may find it as a daunting and intimidating task. Searching for a new career is often a private matter, even more so if you are currently employed although looking for your next challenge. As seen when SDSU recently leaked information of the search to the local Union Tribune, the abuse of confidentiality often ends poorly for both parties. In SDSU’s case, they decided not to hire any of the candidates that were listed-all whom were currently employed.

As recruiters, it is impossible to ignore the benefit of being “LinkedIn.” Utilizing all of these networking sites awards you with a bigger advantage than sending your resume into a virtual space. No matter what the network-LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter-depending on the job profile, all sites can assist with the process. While the resume will never fully be extinct, the impact of social networking holds a larger influence than before. However, the power of interpersonal communication will never fail, and it is our role as recruiters to ensure the needs of all individuals are met. By guaranteeing commitments that no website can offer, we can insure the resume will never be extinct.

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Fire Up Commitment Now!

February 20th, 2010 Comments off

Guest Blogger-Tim Silvera

As the country starts recovering from the worst economy in over 20 years, leaders need to start firing up commitment! Great leaders understand that over the last year, talented employees have become disillusioned with their current employers. Even if you think you did a great job connecting with your employees during the downturn, you need to understand that you still need to repair the damages caused by the environment and practices in your company.

Leaders should not rely on loyalty or morale to retain top talent. Loyalists actually cause big problems because they resist change which can kill your company. If high morale is a leader’s goal, failure will soon follow. High morale can only be an outcome of achieving results. Loyalty helps you retain mediocre employees, whereas results are powerful motivators for top performers to continue to drive business success. Loyal employees do show up to work every day, but committed employees invest themselves fully in their work and deliver dramatic results.

Commitment energizes, empowers and inspires people to achieve great results. So, how can great leaders fire up commitment now? It all starts with you… You need to have passionate commitment, which will draw people to you. Your intensity, tenacity, focus, drive and dedication will create commitment in others. You also need to supply your employees with a strong purpose. If you give your employees a vision that they can identify with and rally around, you will see how commitment can grow and accelerate your team’s success. In addition to your personal passionate commitment and strong purpose, you also need to connect with your people, recognize and reward achievements, create a top club and be intolerant of weak commitment.

By connecting with your people, managers fill their employee’s longing forbelonging! Feeling needed warms people deep inside and adds more heat to their fire of commitment. Managers must discover what fires up commitment in each of their employees and spend time with every valued person to convince them that his or her contribution adds value towards the company’s success.

To create a climate of greater commitment, managers need build an environment where people can achieve great results. Every good employee wants to work on meaningful assignments and be recognized and rewarded for delivering tangible results. So, managers need to energize their employees by giving them a piece of the action though meaningful work, recognition and rewards!

By creating a top club with membership hard to come by, commitment grows naturally. Tough initiation rites create a common bond of experience for all that make it into the club. On the other hand, stiff admission criteria cause the weak-hearted to de-select themselves out of your company. Wow!

On a related topic, managers need to be intolerant of weak commitment!Managers need to make it clear that commitment is a top priority on their teams. Managers need to make commitment count for something by rewarding employees who try the hardest and contribute the most to the team’s success. And finally, it is crucial that managers weed out the uncommitted and mediocre employees.

By focusing on the power of commitment, you have a great chance of increasing the engagement factor of your valued employees. Mark my words… it really works!

What have you done lately to inspire commitment and employee engagement? Please share your stories in the comment section at the end of this blog.

Human Capital – Love it, do it, prove it!

Tim Silvera - A business savvy senior human resources executive with extensive experience driving profitable revenue growth by integrating effective human capital principles with business practices and culture. Known for global human resources leadership and expertise in areas including organizational effectiveness, talent management, and total rewards that result in strategic alignment and innovation.

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HeadHunter Radio Feb 10th / Andrew Thorn & John Patterson

February 9th, 2010 Comments off

HeadHunter Radio has an all-star lineup on Wednesday, February 10th from 3-4pm PST. Don’t miss Cece and Joe Gonzalez live at as they discuss the importance of developing leadership excellence in world-class organizations. Two special guests Andrew Thorn and John Patterson will discuss their experiences successfully coaching and cultivating excellence in leaders.  Podcasts are posted by Friday after the show!

Andrew Thorn’s coaching and consulting career began as an account executive at Unicorp in 1988. From there he founded Thalman Financial, Inc., a private commercial finance company.  Andrew is now the President of Telios Corporation, a leadership consulting firm designed to focus resources on creating a positive change in leadership performance ( He will be discussing the topic of “Telios Symphony”-a methodology for accelerating development of high potential leaders.  Andrew focuses primarily on assisting companies in developing accountability as means of measuring and reporting progress.

The second half of the show will kick off with John Patterson, a Senior Human Resources Executive whose successful leadership experience spans numerous international companies such as Diageo, Priceline, CitiGroup, Pepsico, Texaco and Lockheed Martin. John spent three years working in Sub-Saharan Africa, and most recently for the past 3 years as SVP, HR in Asia Pacific where he was responsible for developing HR Strategies in emerging markets of China, India, SE Asia and more developed markets in Korea, Japan, and Australia.

John will share his expertise in building “Global Talent to Fuel International Growth.”  Hear how companies can expand their Global Footprint by opening up new channels for Talent and discover existing talent in your own organization.

Listen live as we discuss the importance of leadership development among professionals; while also gaining coaching and consulting insight from some of America’s top leaders. We can’t wait to hear what Andrew and John have to say and the advice they have to offer!

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Press Release-BCA Hires New Social Media/Marketing Intern

February 3rd, 2010 Comments off


Contact: BCA Marketing


BCA Hires New Social Media/Marketing Intern

Executive recruiting company hires intern to focus on maintaining strong online presence through popular social media websites.

SAN DIEGO-(February 2, 2010)- BCA Executive Recruiters has hired Tayler Barry as their new social media and marketing intern. BCA is an executive recruiting firm located in San Diego ( They focus primarily on recruiting top HR candidates for leading organizations.  As an intern, Tayler will assist both CEO Cecelia Gonzalez and COO & SVP of Recruitment Joe Gonzalez in executing various social media strategies, online marketing, and public relations. This includes regularly writing for and updating BCA social media outlets such as Twitter, Linked In and their blog.

Tayler graduated cum laude from Loyola Marymount University in May 2009, where she earned her Bachelor’s degree in Communication Studies and a Minor in Business Administration. Her work experience includes several Marketing internships with companies such as 1-800-Dentist and BigMethod Digital Marketing Agency. Her goals for the internship focus mainly on creating and sustaining a large online presence for BCA through social media, as well as learning and absorbing all the aspects of HR Recruiting.

“I am looking forward to the opportunity to work with both Joe and Cecelia and learn from the knowledge and insight they have to offer,” said Tayler. “From social media websites to radio marketing, I am excited to apply my experience with the knowledge I will soon learn.”

BCA Executive Recruiters specialize in the placement of HR professionals in Fortune 500 companies such as Nestle Waters, Transamerica, Dreyer’s Ice Cream, Citibank, ESPN, KBC Bank, Marsh & McClellan, Westfield, and Prudential. Their implementation of relational recruiting has allowed them to build lasting partnerships with such organizations. Focusing on talent branding has enabled BCA to become one of the top 100 influencers in HR. For more information about Cecelia and Joe Gonzalez and BCA Executive Recruiters, visit

Find Joe and Cecelia Gonzalez of BCA Executive Recruiters Online

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This week on HeadHunter Radio – Jan 13th 3-4 pm PST

January 11th, 2010 Comments off

Power of Positive Politics & Women

Jane Horan, Founder – The Horan Group

Read more…

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