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Your Power Score

Power Score

Your Formula For Leadership Success

“The most useful book about leadership.”

That is what we hope you and your team will say about finishing Power Score.

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Is your team running at full power?

Only 10% of leaders do.

That’s according to ghSMART, the bestselling team behind Who: The A Method for Hiring. Who has become the #1 best-selling and most-acclaimed book on the topic of hiring talented teams. Now Power Score provides a simple formula for how the best team deliver results.

The formula you are about to learn is based on the largest research of its kind, spanning over 15,000 careers with over 9 million data points. The idea has been battle-tested for over two decades by leaders in every major industry. It works.

Successful leadership starts with asking three key questions:

  1. Priorities-Do we have the right priorites? (Only 20% of leaders do.)
  2. Who-Do we have the right people on the team? (Only 15% of leaders do.)
  3. Relationships-Do we have the right relationships that deliver results? (Only 47% leaders do.)

Learn how to calculate your team’s Power Score, and how to improve each of the three, key areas of leadership. Learn what to do, and what not do, from compelling statistics and inspiring stories of leaders who have succeeded and failed.

You may be surprised how easy it is to read this little book.

And you may be even more surprised by how fast this approach will boost your team’s results/ Make a greater impact as a leader. Earn more money for your cause (whatever your cause may be). Enjoy greater career success. You will achieve all of these benefits when you dial up your team’s Power Score.

Disclaimer: BCA has found the above information incredibly valuable, but we are not affiliated with GhSMART.

The Scorecard

Who: The A Method for Hiring


 Buy the book on Amazon here, or download the audio book from Audible here

In business, you are who you hire. In Who, Smart and Street offer a ground-breaking solution to your #1 problem – hiring mistakes.


  • A simple 4-step method for hiring the right people with a 90% success rate.
  • How to save $1.5M by avoiding a single hiring mistake.
    Advice given in an unprecedented number of exclusive interviews with more than 20 billionaires and 60 CEOs, investors, and other thought leaders.
  • The secrets of success for over 300 CEOs who participated in a University of Chicago study.

Enjoy Your Career More. Make More Money. Have More Time.

Disclaimer: BCA has found the above information incredibly valuable, but we are not affiliated with GhSMART.



We live in a highly transparent and hyper-connected world in which it is imperative to have clarity of what your community believes you stand for, your value proposition and where you play best.  Personal improvement and awareness leads to effective leadership, relationships and career success.  We want this for you.  BCA provides step by step coaching through this developmental process.

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