Marc Brungger


BCA’s focus, knowledge and expertise on the HR segment is truly impressive.

They created a well -articulated profile which matched with our company’s culture and strategy.

Unlike most recruiters I have dealt with, BCA pre-screened candidates that matched the profile, ensuring we only interviewed truly qualified and interested candidates.

This allowed us to focus our time on viable candidates.

Dave Johnson


The BCA experience was exceptional.

They provide long-term thinking, care and professionalism with a focus on HR excellence.

They established a relationship with me personally and this led to our VP HR search. The experience was focused and appropriate.

Unless BCA expanded their scope beyond HR, I cannot offer any suggestions for improvement.

Jackson Lynch


The bottom line is that beyond being a top shelf search partner, Joe makes the people he works with better for their experience. What truly sets BCA apart is that they care for their colleagues on a personal level.  Sure, they have 20+ years of experience in placing human resources professionals, matching candidates experiences, culture and ability to impact with their clients’ needs, but it goes well beyond that.   They have been there for me every step of the way and are a valuable adviser to our firm.

Mike Beal


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